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Massachusetts business attorney | business attorney
We Represent Businesses and Individuals in Civil Trials & Disputes.

Grantham Law, LLC maintains a successful Massachusetts litigation and trial practice that seeks both legal and equitable remedies for its clients. Attorney Dax Grantham has over 14 years of experience representing both businesses and individuals in complex civil litigation matters.

Our trial lawyers have more than 14 years experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants before all Massachusetts state and federal courts. You can expect honesty from your lawyer about your case and results. Our goal is to keep our clients informed about the progress of their case and provide them with enough information to make informed decisions.

Trial & Litigation Specialties

shareholder disputes | partnnership disputes
Shareholder &
Partnership Disputes

Our experienced business litigation attorneys represent partners, corporations and shareholders in all types of internal disputes such as breach of fiduciary duty, freeze out, derivative actions, and breach of the partnership agreement.

trademark disputes| copywright attorney
Trademark &
Copyright Disputes

It is important to act fast if someone is infringing upon your trade name, copyright or trademark. We handle all phases of copyright, trademark, service-mark, logo and domain name litigation, including emergency injunctive relief, declaratory judgment proceedings, trials and appeals.

Massachusetts business litigation | business disputes
Litigation &
Business Disputes

Our Massachusetts business dispute attorneys represent businesses of all sizes in general business litigation and arbitration matters. We represent businesses as both defendants and plaintiffs in disputes with other businesses, contractors, employees and customers.

trust dispute law
Trust Disputes

We have been representing trustees & beneficiaries in Massachusetts trust disputes for over fourteen years. We have a proven track record in obtaining favorable outcomes in complex trust disputes and breach of fiduciary duty actions in state and federal courts in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts real estate dispute attorney
Real Estate Disputes

We represent clients in all aspects of real estate litigation. We aggressively interpret contract terms, and the State and Federal Statutes that govern the relationships between various parties to a real estate transaction.

fdcpa lawyer | collections attorney
Bankruptcy & Collections Disputes

We have been representing both Debtors and Creditors before the United States Bankruptcy Court since 2001. Our attorneys are familiar with State and Federal collections laws and have a proven track record before all State and Federal Courts in Massachusetts.

Anatomy of a Legal Dispute
What To Expect

The facts and strategy of every case are different; however, the legal procedure is the same. If you have been harmed, or accused of causing someone else harm; typically the case will go something like this:

Step 1: Pre-Litigation

In this phase, your attorney will research your case and collect evidence needed to prepare or respond to a demand letter. If a demand letter is not necessary or advantageous, then a complaint will be prepared and filed. Ideally, the parties will try to resolve their dispute before it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit; if not, a complaint will have to be filed with the court and the lawsuit will commence.

Step 2: Litigation-Discovery

Once a complaint is filed, and answered, the parties will conduct "discovery." Discovery is the exchange of documents and information during the course of the trial. This is the most tedious and time consuming part of the trial.

Step 3: Litigation-Summary Judgment

If, after discovery, there are no facts that are in dispute, there is no point for a trial. At this time, either party may ask the court to rule on the case and make a decision.

Step 4: Litigation-Trial

If there are facts in dispute, then a trial will have to be held so that a jury can decide which facts are true. Each side will show the court the evidence that supports their version of the "facts" and the jury will decide who is right and make a judgment.

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