Personal Bankruptcy Clients

Bankruptcy is an extremely complicated process and requires that a debtor complete a detailed questionnaire and compile numerous documents. In order to simplify the bankruptcy process, we have created a "step-by-step" web-page dedicated to helping individuals and married couples prepare for filing personal bankruptcy.

Please Note: This page requires that you have a PDF reader installed on your computer to open certain documents.
If you do not have a PDF Reader installed, click on the image below: 


In order for us to serve you better, please read the instructions below and follow the instructions carefully.

  • RETAIN US: Click on the proper link below to print your bankruptcy intake package which includes your Fee Agreement Instructions and and Credit Report Order Form.

    pdf Chapter 7: Click Here

    pdf Chapter 13: Click Here

  • CONFIRM YOUR IDENTITY: We use your credit report to obtain a complete listing of your debts as reported by your creditors. In order for us to obtain your credit report, the credit reporting agencies require that you answer a set of security questions to confirm your identity.


    Click Here
    and answer the security questions.

  • COMPLETE FINANCIAL QUESTIONNAIRE: Once your attorney receives your initial payment; he will email you a link to the financial questionnaire. Please follow these instructions while completing the questionnare.

    1. Input your personal information; including your assets, income and expenses. NOTE: you don't need to list every single item of clothing and furniture...its OK to group these items together.

    2. DO NOT ENTER ANY CREDITORS; we will get these from your credit report. You will have a chance to enter any missing creditors at a later time.

    3. You don't have to finish all at once. Save the email and log back in later.

  • WAIT FOR INSTRUCTIONS: Once you have finished ALL of these steps, contact us and let us know. In about a week, we will send you a draft copy of your bankruptcy petition with instructions on what to do next.

  • Credit Counseling/Financial Management Courses: Federal Law requires that you take a credit counseling course before your case can be filed; and a financial management court after your case is filed. WHEN INSTRUCTED BY YOUR ATTORNEY, please click on the link below and take the proper course.

    When prompted; enter our attorney code: MA0086


    Once you complete the course, you will receive the certificate in the email. Please email it to your attorney to ensure that the course is competed.

    Note: you are responsible for the cost of these courses. ($24 for the first course; $14 for the second ($38 total))
    - Remember the password you create, you will need it after your bankruptcy is filed.