Massachusetts Business Bankruptcy

Our bankruptcy attorneys have been helping Massachusetts business with their debt problems for over 14 years.

If your Massachusetts business has experienced a slow down in business, is straddled with a heavy debt, unmanageable leases, or unfavorable contracts; business bankruptcy may be a good option.

Businesses that are organized as a Corporation, LLC or Partnership, are eligible to file a Business bankruptcy in the business's name. The options available for a business are: Business Chapter 7, where the business stops operating permanently, or; Chapter 11, where the business' debts are reorganized in an effort to return to profitability.

If you did not incorporate or organize your business with the Massachusetts Secretary of State, or your not a partnership, you are a "sole proprietorship." A sole proprietorship is an extension of the owner and cannot file bankruptcy itself. If you own a proprietorship then the individual business owner must file personal bankruptcy. For more information on personal bankruptcy, visit our Personal Bankruptcy Page.

Business Bankruptcy Options

If your Massachusetts business is a corporation, a partnership or LLC, our business bankruptcy Attorneys can advise you on one of the following topics.

Business Chapter 7
Going Out of Business

In a Chapter 7 Business Bankruptcy, the business stops doing business and closes its doors. The Bankruptcy Court will appoints a Chapter 7 trustee who will collect and sell the business assets that are not encumbered by a lien. After the Bankruptcy Trustee sells the business assets, the bankruptcy trustee will use the proceeds to repay the business' unsecured creditors. If the business has secured debts, then the secured creditors are entitled to collect their collateral that is secured by their debt.

Benefits of a Chapter 7

Chapter 11

If a business would be profitable if it weren't for a heavy debt load; a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy could be the best option. A Massachusetts Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy is a reorganization proceeding. A business that files a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy continues to operate while attempting to restructure its debts.

Benefits of a Chapter 11

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