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Massachusetts Bankruptcy

The Bankruptcy Lawyers At Grantham Law, LLC Have Been Helping Individuals, Families and Businesses Obtain Relief In The United States Bankruptcy Court For Over 14 years.


Individuals or families who live in Massachusetts and are facing financial problems can file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. If you need a fresh financial start, feel free to contact one of our Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyers.



If your Massachusetts corporation, LLC, or partnership has experienced a slow down of business, or is straddled with a heavy debt load, our Massachusetts business bankruptcy attorneys can help with dissolution or reorganization.



If you are a creditor, and you or your business is owed a debt by someone who has filed bankruptcy in Massachusetts; our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help protect your interest.


Bankruptcy Alternatives

After helping Massachusetts residents and businesses with their debt problem for over 14 years, we realize that bankruptcy is not always your only option, or even your best option. Unlike most "bankruptcy law firms" we are going to explain to you the alternatives and explain how each will affect you, in the short term and the long term; then, let you make the decision that is right for you.

Mortgage Modification

Chapter 13, can be a powerful tool to stop foreclosure. However, many times your lender will work with you to reduce your principal or interest rates.
We can work with your lender and stop foreclosure without having to file bankruptcy.
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Debt Workout

If a debtor has cash resources on hand to repay a portion of their debt; and doesn't like the idea of filing Bankruptcy, a workout may be a better option.
Our attorneys will negotiate with your creditors for a "lump sum" repayment of their debt, usually for a fraction of the balance that is owed.
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Go on the Offense

Sometimes creditors resort to unfair and predatory practices by granting or processing mortgages, or other loans. And, sometimes creditors resort to unfair collection practices such as making threats or contacting neighbors.
If you feel that you are a victim of a predatory loan, or an unfair collection practice, we can help.
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